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Full Management Service

  • Includes evaluation and marketing of your property and tenant selection.
  • Preparing and completing the tenancy agreement with your tenant.
  • Collect the initial rent payment before tenancy commences.
  • We will compile an inventory and photographic evidence of your property to record the condition of the property, you and the tenant will be provided with a copy. This is checked each month for the first three months then quarterly, to ensure there are no defects other than the normal wear and tear.
  • Day to day maintenance, we will look after your property and manage your tenants if there are any maintenance issues, from a leaking tap to re-decorating, using our maintenance team.
  • We will collect the rent on your behalf and transfer it directly to your bank account.
  • You will receive monthly statements, keeping you up to date on your rent payments and any maintenance spending.

Please contact our team for a free evaluation of your rental property or to discuss portfolio management.



The Deposit Protection Service
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